Advertising media all about taxis

Street advertising media

Whether it is a large-scaled campaign or regional taxi advertising to suit your target group – our versatile and innovative products always deliver the best performance possible. Due to our high flexibility, long-term durations or campaign on short notice don’t pose a problem for us as well.

Busy places like stations, airports or exhibitions, and also hotels and other event locations always serve as a good venue for taxis. Our vehicles are where the people are. They call them, use them and see them by day and by night.

Taxi top advertising

Taxi Top advertising is always on eye-level with pedestrians on the streets. It generates high attention as a moving Eye-Catcher. Short slogans, appealing motives or special structures ensure memorable advertising moments people won’t forget. The dynamic advert includes a poster. This is how we provide advertising on means of traffic and still make brief campaigns possible.

  • eye-catching
  • on eye-level
  • mobile
  • flexible booking duration

Side door advertising

Side Door Advertising has been established for decades, especially during exhibitions and events. Whether you are taking a taxi, or walking or standing on the streets: Side Door Advertising always catches your eye. This advert is bookable in high or even low quantities. We will gladly advise you the most efficient quantity of taxis for the optimal advertising pressure in your target area.

  • Expressive and efficient
  • sustainably effective
  • many different formats 

Indoor advertising

You can hardly get more face-to-face with your target group! Your advert is seen by approximately 35 persons on a daily basis. During exhibitions this number can rise up to three times. We especially want to emphasize the intimacy of this special advert. The taxi guest does not expect advertising in this personal area and therefore focusses more on your advert and the message you want to communicate.

  • face-to-face with your target group
  • various inlay-possibilities for flyer or samples

Special solutions

When we convert the whole taxi to an advert, it results in a spectacular and stunning eye-catcher on the streets. The complete vehicle is branded in your individual design. Also spectacular: Extraordinary Special Solutions for Taxi Tops. Challenge us with your ideas!
  • spectacular
  • the whole taxis is your advertiser
  • completely in your individual design
  • extremely efficient
  • extraordinary Eye-Catcher