Partner for cross media solutions in communication

Partner for cross media solutions in communication

TAXi-AD is part of the sellmedia group, where communication agencies like events4brands, Bewegende Werbung and MoWe are focused since 2000. United we concipate solutions for your individual requirements and strageties.

sellmedia group – distribution agency

Since 2000 the sellmedia group focuses all distribution and marketing activities of communication professionals TAXi-AD, events4brands, Bewegende Werbung and MOWE. As a distribution agency, sellmedia is the perfect address to offer cross media communication solutions of media agencies to clients. 

The broad media range, including taxi advertising, events, ambient media and a lot more, allows clients to plan and realize their individual campaigns. 

For further information like the company or team, or to see impressions of campaigns, please visit our website.

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Bewegende Werbung – agency for ambient media

Bewegende Werbung is your specialist for ambient media. You want to place your brand individually and target oriented? Then Bewegende Werbung ist the perfect partner for you.

Besides advertising in golf clubs, gyms, driving schools and colleges, we offer you unique advertising media like AdHanger in cleaners, only available at Bewegende Werbung. Perfect placement of your brand guaranteed. 

Our network assures you consistently high quality in production and distribution, local and national. With experience of over 20 years Bewegende Werbung knows, whats it takes to make a campaign successful. Visit our website and learn more about Bewegende Werbung and ambient advertising.

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MoWe – KFZ-Werbedisplay Hersteller

MoWe is specialized in manufacturing individual and reasonably-priced advertising displays on vehicles. You can choose between different systems, to suit your expectations. The display is made after your individual needs and ideas.

Do you need a complete solution including a car? MoWe also offers you various leasing deals including the advertising displays. You can brand the whole car as well, if you wish to. A moving advertising media with full budget control. 

For further information visit the MoWe-Website.

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